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Today Show features 
'7 Buzz Worthy Skin Care Ingredients’
March 29 2022 

Today Show featured seven skin care ingredients, that I've known all along ( for years), are must have skincare ingredients for skin of any age, concern or type.

Whether your skin is acne prone or you are seeing visible changes like new fine lines, wrinkles, lack of firmness, uneven skin tone, ECO Pink Skin Care and Pink Avenue Skin Care has your skin covered with these 7 gotta - have skin-care ingredients.

More potent than vitamin C & E. Sourced from salmon, carrots, tomatoes. Skin Energizing youth booster.

found in:

Eco Pink Clarify & Balance Serum Cream
Eco Pink Hydra Derma Complex Serum
Pink Avenue Skin Glow C Complex Serum 

GLYCOLIC  (skin smoothing, firming, exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid)

found in:

Eco Pink AHA/BHA Cleansing Mousse,
Eco Pink Glow Revival Radiance Toner,
Pink Avenue 10% Glycolic Gel Pads, 
Pink Avenue Skin Glow Illuma Boost Serum, 
Pink Avenue Dual Toner Pads

HYALURONIC ACID  said to hold up to 1,000x its weight in water. Hydrates the skin, deep down.

Found In:
Pink Avenue Advanced Hylau Copper Moisture Complex 
Pink Avenue Intensive Rejuvenating Creme
Pink Avenue EGF Stem Cell Cream 
Pink Avenue HA+Firming Boost 
Eco Pink Perfect the Gel Cream 
Eco Pink Hydra Derma Complex
Eco Pink Bio Smooth Serum Creme 
Eco Pink Redensify and Firm Serum Creme

NIACINAMIDE (Vitamin B3) Uber skin energizer, brightens, clarifies and balances the skin.

Found in:

Pink Avenue AZA C Radiance Cream 
Pink Avenue Clarifying B3 Serum 
Pink Avenue Skin Glow Illuma Boost Serum 
Eco Pink Hydra Derma Complex
Eco Pink Eye Contour Serum 
Eco Clarify & Balance Serum Cream 
Eco Pink Bio Smooth Serum Cream 
Eco Pink Redensify & Firm Serum Cream 


RETINOL - Skin strengthening Vitamin A contributes to fresh, youthful-looking skin

Pink Avenue Advanced Retinol Serum 

  - derived from olives - closest resembles human sebum to boost skin’s natural defence. 

Eco Pink Hydra Derma Complex 
Pink Avenue Advanced Retinol Serum 

PREBIOTICS  - promote the growth of friendly microorganisms, protect the pH of skin to help prevent skin problems. 

Eco Pink Perfect the Gel Cream