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With pre & pro biotics to re-balance skin"s ecosytem , reduce sebum, refine pores and prevent breakouts.

Revitalization and re - harmonization of the skin

Diego Dalla Palma, RVB Skin Lab, Purifying, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

's ecosystem: the beauty treatment that removes excess oil 
and reduces visibility of dilated pores and imperfections for a perfect skin and a homogeneous complexion.

Enhanced with Bakuchiol ACN.

SALICYLIC ACID: Purifying & exfoliating
ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID:oxygenating & protective
PROBIOTIC LACTOBACILLUS: increases the skin's natural defences
NO A.G.E.S PEPTIDES: anti - glycation & anti oxidant 
 improves imperfections & evens  skin tone
AMINOACIDS: fundamental for the neo formation of collagen, elastin and keratin
PURI-ENZYME: exfoliating & moisturizing