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DDP RVB SkinLab Super Active Vials
Glowing skin in 21 days.

Diego Dalla Palma Super Vials, Pink Avenue Skin Care, Toronto, ON Canada

DDP Super Active Vials for
the health and beauty of the face.

The change in the climate, atmospheric agents, in our personal daily routine
or stress, can cause consequences for the beauty and health of our face,
which can undergo: slowing of its life cycles, possibility of cell turnover,
accumulation of toxins, oxygen starvation. 

Targeted retinol, antioxidant, moisturizing skin renewal 

It becomes necessary to intervene with targeted treatments
that favour skin renewal, increase the oxygen supply and are
specially enriched with moisturizing and antioxidant substances
to help the skin adapt to change and preserve its "biorhythms"
from sudden and drastic external stresses.