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Pink Avenue Dermatologist Formulated Skin Care


The well being of your skin is very important to us
and so we only use the highest quality of ingredients,
combined with the latest in advanced technologies.
Pink Avenue Dermatologist Formulated Skin Care Collection
address the skin's most common issues;

  • Aging
  • Uneven looking skin tone
  • Acne prone
  • Dry Skin Redness/Sensitivity
  • Aging Eye Area
  • Dry, thinning lips 
  • Enviro exposure 

Best Dermatologist Formulated Eye gel, Hydra Firm, Pink Avenue, Toronto Canada


Best Dermatologist formulated skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON Canada


Clinically Developed 

All Pink Avenue Dermatologist formulated
products are clinically tested for credible
and reproducible results.

This collection of products offer your skin results likely to be above
what is available over-the-counter. Pink Avenue Dermatologist Formulated
skin care is effective and reliable to care for your skin in a safe and gentle way.

Our products tend to speak for themselves, formulas created with stellar,
medical grade ingredients and innovative technology with real, visible
results in mind. Furthermore, many of our products have undergone
clinical testing, which ensures that each product you use  is of assured
quality and efficacy.

Best Dermatologist Formulated serum for dry skin, Hydra Soothe Corrective, Toronto



Best Dermatologist formulated skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON Canada

Concentrated Actives - 
An ingenious combination
of medical grade, concentrated actives
ensures product performance
and results you expect for your skin!

  • Peptides,
  • Lipochroman Antioxidants,
  • Salicylic Acid,
  • Glycolic,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin E, 
  • Glycolipds,
  • Essential oils,
  • Vitamin F 
  • Green Tea
  • Snow Mushroom
  • AquaCell 
  • Botanical Extracts 
  • Cherry Extract

help address the skin's most common issues. 

With regular use, the appearance of the skin
visibly improves in just 14 days. 

Our medical grade products are free from
artificial fragrances,
parabens and alcohol.

Best Dermatologist Formulated Face Cream, Triple Benefits, Pink Avenue, Toronto Canada

Free of undesirable ingredients.

Pink Avenue Skin Care is formulated with only the finest, safest
Ingredients for your skin. We care about your skin, with integrity.

Best needle free lip plumper, Pink Avenue Lip Love, Toronto Canada

Dermatologist Formulated 
Cruelty-Free Skincare

Best Dermatologist formulated skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON Canada

The only mammals our products are tested on are our clinical
study human volunteers. We also do not use any ingredients
that have been tested on animals or that are animal derived. 

All products are cruelty-free. No animal derived ingredients ie collagen, elastin.