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Urban Life

Diego Dalla Palma, Urban Life Skin Care


Intensive daily defense treatment against urban pollution and sunlight, which are among the main causes of dull complexion, large pores, dark spots, dehydration and wrinkles. Safeguard the youthful capital of the skin by protecting it from smog, toxins and other harmful external agents, for a more radiant and fresh face.


DDP, Urban Life, Pink Avenue Skin Care


Fresh essence from impalpable nebulization, it protects from all types of pollution and gives the face freshness and hydration, for a strong and free to breathe, skin. Contains Pollushield™, an invisible protective shield that hinders the adhesion of smog, smoke, fine dust and other polluting substances and facilitates its removal. With its smoothing texture, it immediately enhances the beauty of the skin. Sprayed on a make-up face, it counteracts the action of free radicals and prolongs the duration of the make-up.

Urban Life Daily Protect Serum, DDP, Pink Avenue Skin Care


Thanks to its multi-protective action, it strengthens the barrier functions of the skin and creates on its surface an invisible defense film against damage from pollution, free radicals and UV rays. The protective action against the external agents of Pollushield ™ is enhanced by that of deep detoxification of CELL DETOXIUM, which captures toxins right into the heart of the cells. Its ultra-light and silky texture, with a matt finish, covers the skin with an imperceptible protective veil, which makes it ideal for daily use and overlapping with other treatment and make-up products.