Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil 120ml

ECO PINK™ All Skin Types, Pre Cleanse, Sensitive Cleanser


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Best cleansing oil for all skin types, ECO Pink, Toronto, ON
Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil 120ml



ECO Pink™ Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil sweeps away skin debris, oil, dirt and makeup more efficiently than most cleansers. Adding water transforms the oils into a silky, deep cleansing emulsion. 

Skin feels well hydrated, clean, silky smooth with no hint of a greasy residue. The best cleansing oil for all skin types. 

ECO Pink's 9 botanical oil blend is the go to gentle deep cleanser; washes away environmental impurities, deeply embedded impurities, along with daily makeup applications.

Ideal pre-cleanser for all skin types, including acne prone. The perfect daily cleanser for dry, mature, or sensitive skin. 

I love, love, love Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil. I live and work in the city and pre cleansing with this beautiful synergy of oils is the best step to remove the days pollution off my skin. You are going to love it! 
Suzie Cunningham 


ECO Pink Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil, Best Oil Cleanser

Featured Ingredients


Sea Buckthorn Oil: Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 rich, supports the epidermis barrier for supple, healthy-looking, soft skin by replenishing lipids lost due to aging.

Jojoba Oils, Sunflower, Olive, Safflower: 4 beautiful cleansing oils protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier while removing impurities.

Passionfruit Seed Oil: Linoleic acid, omega 6, antioxidant rich to renew the skin’s natural moisture barrier, protect with revived hydration and improve skin’s texture and firmness. (Maracuja Oil)

Rose-hip Oil: Vitamins A & C, antioxidant rich. Linoleic and linolenic acids, revives skin’s smooth and youthful appearance, while increased hydration supports skin barrier. 

Borage Oil: essential skin smoothing lipids improves the appearance of rough skin while reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier.

Argan Oil: Vitamin E and essential fatty acids repair and replenish moisturizing barrier lipids.

Fragrance: Essential oils of wild mint, eucalyptus, lemon peel, orange peel, petitgrain, lavender, and bois de rose 

Does not contain colorants, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates or toluene.

ECO Pink Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil, Best Oil Cleanser

Home Care: Apply pea size of oil to dry skin and around eyes. Massage gently over dry skin. Moisten fingertips with water and massage for additional 30-60 seconds, until oil turns into light, milky emulsion. Rinse with warm water. To remove heavy eye make up, apply oil onto a moist cotton pad.

Gently press over eye area for a few seconds before sweeping makeup away. If advised, follow with another cleanser suitable for the skin type/condition.

Caution: Should not be used as an eye contour cleanser with lash extensions.

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You'll never find ECO PINK™ products loaded with unwanted or skin-sensitizing ingredients. You won’t find:

MIT (methylisothiazolinone) Parabens, MEA, DEA, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Lanolin, Beeswax, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates, Phthalates, Toluene, Talc, Triclosan, Benzophenones, Progesterone, Bovine-sourced ingredients (such as collagen, elastin, colostrum, placenta extract), Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (imidazolidinylurea, diazolidinyl), urea, DMDM hydantoin, quaternium-15) And rarely, will you see: Synthetic fragrances or colors, Solvent alcohols, Pore-clogging ingredients (lipids, which are used in some dry skin moisturizing products, may block pores of oiler skin), Petrolatum Triethanolamine (TEA)

Best cleansing oil for all skin types, ECO Pink, Toronto, ON
Botanical Synergy Cleansing Oil 120ml

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