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Brighten, revive radiance and minimize pores with Glow Revival Radiance Toner. Excellent for any skin needing light exfoliation. Use twice daily to rejuvenate and prep the skin for serums and moisturizers.

Dull, Devitalized, Enlarged Pores, Rough, Dehydrated, Oily, Oily/Acne-Prone, Mature/Maturing

pH 4, Fragrance Free

Eco Pink Glow Revival Radiance Toner, best anti aging toner, Toronto

Featured Ingredients 

Betaine Salicylate -1% skin-sloughing BHA to lift dead cells and unwanted pigment. Natural skin hydrator from Beets.

Buffered AHA And Naturally Derived Amino Acid Complex: 2.6% glycolic and lactic acids; maximum AHA action with minimum discomfort.

Sea Whip Extract -sea-origin botanical extract; fast soothing and calming action

Licorice Root Extract -helps calm signs of redness due to acne, rosacea and stress. 

Lemon & Passion Flower Extracts: botanical origin exfoliating AHAs.

Eco Pink Glow Revival Radiance Toner, best anti aging toner, Toronto


How to Use: After cleansing, apply Glow Revival Radiance Toner liberally with moist cotton. Apply moisturizer or other treatment while skin is still moist. If following with an AHA treatment, allow skin to dry before application. Always apply  a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen during the day when using any AHA product.

Sunburn Alert: This product exfoliates surface skin and may therefore increase skin’s susceptibility to sunburn. Always use a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen daily when using this product.

Sensitivity: rosacea, sensitivity  allergy prone or post-medical procedures, may react with redness, irritation or other signs of discomfort. Discontinue use immedi ately if they occur.

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