Skin Glow Microdermabrasion Creme 50ml

ECO PINK™ All Skin Types, Not for Sensitive


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best microdermabrasion, Toronto, Pink Avenue Skin Glow Creme
Skin Glow Microdermabrasion Creme 50ml

Super fine Skin Glow Microdermabrasion Creme preps the skin for other ECO Pink™ Skin Care, sloughing away surface debris and dead skin cells.

Minimizes surface imperfections leaving the skin ultra smooth and radiant. Prepping the skin boosts performance of serums and cremes. 

Perfect for rough skin, fine lines, large pores, acne-scars, un even skin tone. Gently polishes skin to an ultra-smooth finish with volcanic micro-crystals.

Truly the best at home Microdermabrasion Creme! 

• Reveals fresh, new, healthier-looking skin in seconds
• Minimizes signs of uneven skin tone, lines, large pores & improves appearance    of acne-scars
• Helps revive skin’s natural barrier as it soothes and conditions skin with hydration.

Eco Pink Skin Glow Microdermabrasion, Toronto, ON

Skin Glow Microdermabrasion Creme is the finest creme of volcanic crystals and skin soothing, skin conditioning botanicals, which gently, yet thoroughly, preps the skin to be silky smooth and free of dead skin cell debris. Preparing the skin prior to the application of Age Amour, Visibly Bright or Perfect Gel or Creme Skin Care, maximizes the performance of the ingredients on the skin. Ideal to use with any performance skin care. You control the level of exfoliation with application pressure on the skin. I personally find,'less is best'. Use on the skin only as tolerated and avoid blood vessels, sensitive, or reddened skin. One of my favourite skin prep products, ever!
Suzie Cunningham 

Eco Pink Skin Glow Microdermabrasion, Toronto, ON

Feature Ingredients


Aloe Juice
Sunflower Seed Oil
Rosemary Leaf Extract
Chamomile Extract
Licorice Extract
Jojoba Oil
Green Tea Extract
Kukui Oil
Borage Oil 

BOTANICAL SYNERY ACTION: soothing polishing treatment, skin conditioning, lipid-rich hydration, skin barrier moisturizing 

  Eco Pink Skin Glow Microdermabrasion, Toronto, ON


Pumice - Volcanic Micro-Crystals – the tiniest of all buffing pumice crystals, gently polishes the skin surface without irritation. 

pH 5.2

Free of aluminum oxide, harsh emulsifiers, synthetic color, fragrance or parabens.

Eco Pink Skin Care, Toronto, ON

How to Use: Generously apply creme to moist skin on the chest, neck and face. Massage manually up to 2 minutes as tolerated by the skin. Rinse well. Avoid eye area.

  • Twice a week for mild resurfacing.
  • Daily for 3-5 days for more intense resurfacing.

For Best Results
  • Follow with Perfect The Gel Creme.
  • AHAs, Retinol, Perfect The Serum, Age Amour Corrector Serum, Visibly Bright Clarifying Serum - can be used after Skin Glow to deliver prolonged resurfacing for thicker, more resistant, non-sensitive skin.
  • If irritation occurs, apply AHA, Retinol, Perfect The Serum, Age Amour Corrector Serum, Visibly Bright Clarifying Serum,  24 hours after use of Skin Glow Microdermabrasion Creme.
  • If irritation continues, discontinue microdermabrasion creme and any  resurfacer until irritation clears. Always use a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher when using any skin resurfacing products, 

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You'll never find ECO PINK™ products loaded with unwanted or skin-sensitizing ingredients. You won’t find:

MIT (methylisothiazolinone) Parabens, MEA, DEA, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Lanolin, Beeswax, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfates, Phthalates, Toluene, Talc, Triclosan, Benzophenones, Progesterone, Bovine-sourced ingredients (such as collagen, elastin, colostrum, placenta extract), Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (imidazolidinylurea, diazolidinyl), urea, DMDM hydantoin, quaternium-15) And rarely, will you see: Synthetic fragrances or colors, Solvent alcohols, Pore-clogging ingredients (lipids, which are used in some moisturizing products, can block pores), Petrolatum Triethanolamine (TEA)


best microdermabrasion, Toronto, Pink Avenue Skin Glow Creme
Skin Glow Microdermabrasion Creme 50ml

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