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Pink Avenue Hydra Soothe Skin Care for sensitive skin

Dry, hot itchy skin indicates low level chronic inflammation and can contribute to accelerated aging. Harsh climates (hot or cold) can disrupt the skin barrier balance. Environmental aggressors lead to a skin imbalance and uncomfortable, tight, dry skin can be the result. With effective cosmeceutical actives and powerful botanical ingredients there is relief for sensitive skin. 

Pink Avenue™ Hydra Soothe Skin Care helps to calm, reduce redness and protect the skin with hydrating, protective actives and calming essential oils.
Safe for sensitive and rosacea prone skin.


    Fragrance free, botanical, cosmeceutical skin care to help balance dry, itchy, sensitive skin. Skin is left feeling soft, hydrated and comfortable all day long. With regular use skin barrier function improves and skin develops a resilience to external influences. 

    1. Hydra Soothe Botanica Cleanser AM & PM

    2. B3 Moisture Surge Toner AM & PM 

    3. Hydra Soothe Botanica Serum AM & PM 

    4. Hydra Soothe Peptide Creme AM & PM 

    5. Hydra Soothe Relief Mask as needed