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Skin Accents Bi Magic Serums 

Skin Accents Bi Magic Serums, Pink Avenue. Toronto, Canada

Bi-Magic combines the high-quality care
of an exquisite serum, encapsulated in nourishing pearls,
with the treatment
qualities of a premium anti ageing cream.

The serum and cream can be applied individually and, therefore, you can adjust
the ratio of Lipids and moisture to suit your skin‘s requirements as part of your
skin care regime.


Skin Accents Magic Spheres

Skin Accents Magic Spheres, Pink Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Precious skin care pearls made from the best ingredients of the Sea
and contain a beauty secret for radiant and beautiful skin.

The power biotechnology, brown algae and a cocktail
of active ingredients boosts skin defence, fills and smooths skin.
3D Matrix forms on the skin after application to greatly
improve skin texture, firm, redefine contours, plump
and fill fine lines and wrinkles.
Specially formulated to use in the AM under
your favourite face cream.