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Your hands are a ‘tell'. Introducing
Elim MediHand for aging, pigmented hands.

The Elim MediHand System, specifically designed for aging and pigmented hands.
Our hands are constantly exposed to UV rays. Elim MediHand is formulated with cutting edge skin care technology to protect your hands from the elements, while conditioning the skin of your hands for a more lustrous, more even looking appearance.

Take the 28 day Elim MediHand Challenge!

Photograph your hands, use ELIM MediHand as directed.
After 28 days, photograph your hands again in the similar light and compare!

ELim MediHand Before and After,  Age Reversal Hand Cream, Hydro Thermal Peel, Pink Avenue, Toronto

How to Age Reverse Your Hands

Step 1: Elim MediHand Hydra Thermal Peel
Apply a generous amount to the back of your hand. With wet fingertips, massage the peel firmly over the back of the hands for 30 to 60 seconds. Rinse well with water.

Step 2: Elim Age Reverse Hand Cream SPF 30

Gently squeeze a nickel size amount on the back of the hands. Massage the cream in, rubbing the back of the hands together, including the length of the fingers. This hand cream is not meant for the palms of the hands. Always reapply after washing hands and before bed.

Your Feet Carry You. 
They deserve Elim MediHeel everyday. 

Foot health is about your overall well being, especially as we age! 
Keeping the soles of your feet soft, smooth and free of callus
the MediHEEL way 

  • smooths away dry, thick callus without blades or rough scrubbing
  • prevents fissures of the heel that may cause breaks in the skin 
  • conditions, strengthens the skin of aging feet 
  • improves the overall lustre and healthy appearance of the feet 
  • Decreases the formation of callus 

Untreated, thick callus of the feet can cause discomfort when walking. If walking is uncomfortable, then it would stand to reason that other areas of the bodies’s frame could be affected as well. Foot health is so important, you deserve it! 



A collection of skin care for your feet to deodorize, exfoliate and condition. 
Easy to use, nothing better than happy, healthy, feet.