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New Soothing Skin Care, Diego Dalla Palma Professional Collection, Toronto, Canada

DDP RVB Skin Lab Soothing Skin Care
Highly tolerable skin care to protect
revitalize sensitive skin.

Specially formulated with specific cosmeceuticals to provide
high tolerance and comfort even to extremely sensitive skin,
such as skin affected by pharmalogical treatments of all kinds.
Safe for pregnancy, red irritated, couperose skin. 

New Diego Dalla Palma Soothing Skin Care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, Canada


A highly tolerable beauty treatment to protect sensitive skin
from the signs of aging and from external aggression.
Enhanced with anti-irritation neuro-peptides.


  • HYDRAMOIST: Moisturizing & firming
  • PROSENSE PEPTIDE: Protection from irritation & redness
  • BIOFLAVONOIDS: effective vaso-protector
  • TETRAPEPTIDE-5: soothing, relaxing & moisturizing
  • B-Circadin ™
  • Prosense Peptides
  • Ceramide Plus CPX
  • Ectoin