BODY Protective Hydrating Gel-Cream 50- 150ml

Diego Dalla Palma Professional


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DNA SMART PROTECTION, it strengthens skin defences and protects against
enviro exposure.

With glycyrrhetinic acid for soothing action, it counteracts redness and irritations, and is ideal for the whole family and for those with fair and/or sensitive skin.

With a non-greasy and non-sticky formulation, it ensures prefect distribution without leaving white residue.

Its special transparent formula does not leave a greasy residue and absorbs quickly. Moisturizing sun protection with new-generation sun filters that are not harmful to the marine ecosystem.


DNA SMART PROTECTION - activates cell protection processes against UV, IR and blue light, promotes DNA repair processes, protects collagen and elastin fibers against the harmful effects of sunlight.
GLYCIRRIC ACID - soothing and calming.
VITAMIN E - Anti-oxidant, moisturizing, protective, soothing, counteracts the action of free radicals and premature ageing from exposure to sun and environmental factors.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Avoid contact with the eyes – apply sunscreen generously before sun exposure – reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, bathing or drying – do not stay in the sun too long, even if using a sunscreen product – keep infants and young children out of direct sunlight – excessive exposure to the sun is a serious health risk – reducing the amount of sunscreen applied will reduce the level of protection significantly. Avoid contact with fabrics that could be stained – if clothes are stained, do not bleach, but dry clean and then use fabric softeners.

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