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Hyalu Moisturizing Skin Care

A "genius" treatment to regulate water balance in the different skin layers.

Diego Dalla Palma Professional Hyalu Plump, Pink Avenue, Toronto Canada

Bio cellular revitalizaiton and reactivation of genes involved in hydration:
a beauty treatment to "quench the thirst" of skin and restore 
well-being to dehydrated and dry skin. Enhanced with Hydra-gene complex.

Hyaluronic acid is a major
structural and functional
component of the skin. 

It is the main component of the dermis -the innermost layer
that supports the skin- and maintains its firmness and plumpness.

It also plays a key role in maintaining optimal hydration levels in all the
layers of the skin.The ultra-hydrating molecule par excellence,
hyaluronic acid acts like a “sponge” and is essential for containing
water loss and protecting the skin from dehydration and ageing.

Diego Dalla Palma, Moisturizing Hyalu Complex, Pink Avenue, Toronto, Canada

HYALU4PLUMP is a calibrated complex
of 4 different types of hyaluronic acid
with different molecular weights:

• high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for retaining water on
the surface of the skin, smoothing and protecting it;

• medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for retaining
water in the middle layers of the epidermis and strengthening
the skin’s barrier functions;

• mini hyaluronic acid, with very low molecular weight and
very high penetration capacity, that encourages regeneration
in the skin’s deeper layers and stimulates the production of
“new substances” with a marked filling and plumping effect.
For renewed comfort, hydration and firmness of the skin.