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DDP Skin Code, Epigenetic Skin Care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Ultra-personalized cellular bio-revitalization to precisely respond
to the specific needs of each area of ​​the face. Because every skin
is unique and in continuous evolution and the secret for its
balance and its beauty is enclosed in a personal code with targeted action.

DDP Skin MAP. Ultra personalized, specific
and targeted treatment with extraordinary results. 

Specific and targeted treatment, with extraordinary and immediate results,
based on EPIGENETICS, the science that studies how the external
environment influences the expression of our DNA and the appearance
of our skin, or its variation in individual areas of the face.

Diego Dalla Palma, Skin Map, Epigenitics Skin Care, Pink Avenue Toronto, ON'

DDP RVB SkinLab Epigenetic Skin Care.
A highly personalized skin care system.

Diego Dalla Palma Skin Map products are enriched with
ROYALACTIN EPI-peptide, (Pentapeptide-48),
an innovative bio-mimetic peptide, born from advanced
studies of Epigenetics, with bio-revitalizing action.
It mimics the powerful action of Royalactina, contained in
royal jelly and accelerates the epidermal regeneration processes,
helping to repair the skin damage suffered due to external agents
and an unbalanced lifestyle.

Diego Dalla Palma Skin Map, Pink Avenue Toronto, ON Canada