Diego Dalla Palma Blackhead Squeezing Balm 75ml

Diego Dalla Palma Professional


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DDP Blackhead Squeezing Fluid
to Soften Clogged Pores.

With its special melting and softening formulation, it facilitates the removal of blackheads by squeezing and the Neem oil produces a beneficial physiological cleansing effect and rebalances the sebum level.

Avocado and Neem Oil to soften clogged pores.
Vegan Formula. 

RESULT: softened skin and blackheads, cleansed skin that
is less prone to irritation.

How to use: 

Prior to deep cleansing, massage a small amount over areas with blackheads.
Use daily PM for one week prior to facial or deep cleanse for easier extractions.  

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin F, Neem oil, Avocado oil.

Diego Dalla Palma, DDP RVB Skin Lab, 
Pink Avenue,Toronto, ON Canada

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