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Diego Dalla Palma, DDP Skin Care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Welcome to the world of Diego Dalla Palma Professional Skin Care

Where the science meets the beauty.
Beautiful and good.
The best of research at the service of the skin.

Free of  ingredients that cause irritation to the skin

No parabens
No Paraffin or mineral oils
No Ethylene glycol
No Triclosan 
No Alcohols 
No Silicones
No Sulfates
No Synthetic colorants
No Methylisothiazolinone
No Endocrine Disrupters
Formaldehyde free

My name is Suzie Cunningham.

I would love to introduce
Diego dalla palma to you!

Suzie Cunningham, Pink Avenue Aesthetics, Toronto, ON Canada

I have worked with and sold RVB SkinLab / Diego Dalla Palma Skin Care
for the lifetime of my aesthetic  skin care career; 35 years plus! 
I received my aesthetic training from the founders of Intercosmetics,
who brought this amazing skin care techcology to Canada 40 years ago.

Questions about Diego Dalla Palma
and your skin?

For 2 years I was. a training consultant and sales representative
for what was then RVB Skin Lab; now Diego Dalla Professional.  
With my working knowledge of the Diego Dalla Palma Skin Care line
and my decades of aesthetic facial experience I am here to guide
you to select the perfect Diego Dalla Palma Skin Care System for you. 

Have a complimentary
online skin consultation!

Have a complementary online skin consultation and after
reviewing the details about your skin and concerns, 
I will email  back to you my Diego Dalla Palma Skin Care
recommendations curated just for you. 

When you purchase Diego. Dalla Palma from Pink Avenue,
not only will you have one of the best. skin care systems in
the world, you will also have access to me anytime to answer
your questions and guide you. I look forward to looking after you online or in my clinic! 

Kind regards and beautiful skin wishes,

Suzie Cunningham 
Aesthetician, Micro-current Facial Therapist
since 1986